SINCE 1977...

Established in 1977 in Ankara, Turkey, Pikkolo Furniture & Decoration engages in project-based custom manufacturing of hospitality furniture for hotels, resorts, and restaurants; commercial and business centers. For more than 40 years, Pikkolo has successfully undertaken many contracts of both national and international projects and has become one of the leading companies in its sector.

With its experienced designers, project managers, and highly skilled manufacturing team, Pikkolo brings, the investors and designers concepts to reality.

Sectors leading firms trust PIKKOLO in performing the construction procurement process and optimizing their cost control via our experience in the field.

The philosophy of using high-quality material and superior mounting methods is applied to every manufactured piece. Moreover, all these ingredients combine with the most skilled craftsmanship and on-time completion mentality. Pikkolo ensures flexibility in detail solutions which are amongst the key factors of production, by taking advantage of the experience gained in many years, together with the knowledge and the latest technology. At all contractual projects, Pikkolo thinks and acts like a business partner and in accordance with that, plans all the processes in a way obtain the highest return on investment. 

Our Vision: To be a leading global firm in the production and implementation of custom hospitality furniture and interior decoration projects in all the sectors that we operate in, with our uncompromising quality, business ethics, and reliability.

Our Mission: To take the imagination of an investor or a designer (in terms of interiors) and make them real by using the latest technologies, superior quality materials, rigorous craftsmanship and years' of experience.